Friday, 8 July 2011

My song

You knew what it would take to save your people
To give us all a chance of being free
You knew how great the price that needed paying
You sent your Son to earth so we would see.
You came to us; you lived and died among us
But even then your grace we could not see
Despite it all you never ceased to love us
How can I thank the God who died for me?

The story doesn’t end with Jesus dying
The story isn’t one of loss and pain
For you defeated all the powers of evil
When Jesus conquered death and rose again.
And in his everlasting arms I’m living
My life has meaning way beyond the grave
And now I’m lost in wonder at your loving
You took away our sins and you forgave

What can I give to pay you what I owe you?
I never can deserve the gift you gave
I lay before your throne my breath, my heartbeat
I give you back the life you died to save
What can I do to show you how I love you?
I lift my hands and close my eyes to sing
I worship you my God, my Lord, my Saviour
I want so much to give you everything

You are my love, the one who showed love to me
How can I give you what is in my heart
I know there is no way for me to tell you
I have no words at all to make a start.
But you, the Lord of Life, all power, all knowing
You know my every thought, my joys, my tears
You made the stars, the universe, the seasons
You’ve cared for me through each one of my years.

I want to kneel forever at your footstool
To gaze at you, to wonder, see you smile
I want to stay and fill my heart with beauty
Until I overflow with love and light.
For you are my beloved God and Saviour
Your love will never weaken, fail or cease
And when my days are done, my race is ended
You’ll hold me in your arms eternally.

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