Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Turning to you

My eyes are open
Looking, searching, gazing
But not seeing
Not realising
I have already found you.

My ears are open
Listening closely
To an internal melody
Turned up loud
With a beat of me, me, me.

My mind is closed
Knowing everything 
All the answers
Narrow, oblivious
To the vast glory of you.
My mouth is open
Always saying something
Convinced I'm right
Not thinking first
Imparting my wisdom.

My fists are closed
Holding tightly
To the rubbish
Worry and fear and regret
Preoccupied with misery.

Blow your Spirit through me
Fling wide the doors
Closed and cobwebbed
Clear out the rubbish
Stacked in corners.

My heart is open
Deep down - I know
I long for you
Feeling my need
I turn to you, my Father.

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