Friday, 28 October 2011

Church towers and poorly person biscuits

God, I am not feeling well. 

Haven't I been a picture of stoicism?  I am writing this from my sickbed (well, actually, I've made it down to the kitchen but I carry with me an aura of unwell-ness.)

If I'm honest, I'm feeling a lot better. I don't think this particular tummy bug is going to see me off. Not that it wasn't particularly unpleasant while it lasted, but I am soldiering on and am pleased to be here after all the last thirty-six hours have had to offer. 


Did you know, I can see our church from my bed?  I imagine you did. Languishing there today, when I was finally well enough to draw the curtains back (can you see how brave I've been?) I found myself looking at the church tower over the roofs of the houses between here and there.  I like that I can see it from here; not sure why, but it comforts me. There's definitely an emotional attachment. Thankyou for that. 

I like that I can see the church that means so much to me, where I find my church family each week; as special place I go to be with you. Where I go to worship you. Your house. And I can lie in bed and see the very top of it and I like that. I often find that my eyes are drawn to it; and I have to say that funnily enough (and significantly) a while ago when I was feeling a long, long way away from you I didn't want to look at it at all.  Clearly the state of my spiritual health can be reflected in the feelings I have looking out of the window at the tower. 

I can hear the bells as well. If I wake in the night I can hear the bells chime the hour and I like that as well. They're not loud enough to keep me awake, though. Might have different feelings towards them if they did...

I've been very well looked after while I've been poorly. I've had get well cards and presents from my little girls (fridge magnets from my fridge, small fluffy toys, items half-inched from Grandma's and brought as little loving offerings to cheer me up); I've had cups of tea and glasses of water and warmed wheaties and lots of sympathy from my husband who was similarly afflicted a few days ago (and is therefore clearly to blame) and practical assistance from my Mum, who took the girls for a haircut when I wasn't able to, did some shopping and delivered plain biscuits to try to tempt me to eat something.  

In our house plain biscuits (Rich Tea) are known as 'Poorly Person Biscuits'.  Easy on the stomach, not too rich, nice to nibble. Today they did the trick just as they did when I was tiny.

So, here we are. A lost day lying in bed feeling poorly. Didn't manage much in the way of prayer because I was mainly asleep, but I was not unaware of you, Lord. As well as the church tower, from my bed I did admire the beautiful blue Autumn sky and the sun shining off the wet roofs between here and church. I think it's been a lovely day.  I am very grateful for my family, who have somehow managed to get along mostly without me for a day and a half (and who knows, I might just manage to stretch that into tomorrow if I play my cards right?) and as I lay in bed I did think more than once how fortunate/lucky/blessed I am to have a comfy bed, a warm duvet, a nice house, enough to eat and drink, indigestion tablets and paracetamol and warm wheaties and small girls to deliver Get Well wishes. And so much more. 

Well, I'm getting better. Feeling like something to eat now. You know I'm poorly when I'm off my food, and now I'm feeling peckish, I must be on the mend. 

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  1. Hope you are better soon; there's been a lot of that stuff around here lately also. I'm like you; I always wish I could spend my forced rest praying--but somehow He lets His presence be known in my weakness.


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