Friday, 7 October 2011

One hundred blessings

Dear Lord

One hundred blessings.
One hundred lovely things that you've given me.
One hundred things that make me happy.
One hundred random, in no particular order, brainstorming things that are on my 'Like' list.
One hundred things to be thankful for.
One hundred just because it's a nice number, not because it's exhaustive; I may yet make a list of another hundred.

I am blessed in so many ways that I couldn't number them all.

1.   Your unending, unconditional love.
2.   My family.
3.   A house to live in.
4.   Food in the fridge.
5.   Sleep.
6.   Coffee.

7.   Red wine.
8.   A comfy bed.
9.   The wonderful scent of my children.
10.  Warm sun on my face.
11.  Hugs from my husband.
12.  The tick of a clock when there's no other sound.
13.  A good book.
14.  My friends.

15.  A churchful of voices singing praise to God.
16.  Spending time with my church family.
17.  The sea.
18.  A shoulder to cry on when I need one. 
19.  Easter.
20.  Seeing Bryan get off the train home on a Friday night.

21.  Rainbows.
22.  The Bible.
23.  My children running towards me after school shouting, 'Mummy!'
24.  Not being woken up in the morning.
25.  Dinner in a restaurant.
26.  Big trees.
27.  A message from a friend out of the blue.

28.  The smell of baking bread.
29.  Taking photographs.
30.  Laughing until I cry.
31.  When my daughters laugh until they cry.
32.  Making people happy.
33.  Good news from the bathroom scales.
34.  My favourite blackbird, Streaky. 
35.  Roast parsnips.

36.  Singing at the top of my voice on my own in the car.
37.  When the words of a worship song suddenly jump out at me.
38.  A tidy house. (hahahahahaha!)
39.  Dry stone walls.
40.  Tickling my daughters.
41.  A tiny hand curled round a pencil and a face concentrating hard to write their name.

42.  Christmas.
43.  Watching my children sleep.
44.  Bacon sandwiches.

45.  A good film.
46.  Watching my daughters and Grandma play together.
47.  The colour purple.
48.  My favourite mug.
49.  Nativity plays.
50.  Looking at a photo of my two girls as I sit at my computer.
51.  Washing dancing on the line.
52.  White chocolate
53.  Soft blankets.

54.  The Derbyshire countryside.
55.  A warm wheaty on a cold night.
56.  Hearing my little girls say, 'Amen'.

57.  Sun sparkling off the sea.
58.  Having my back scratched.
59.  Music that makes me want to sing along.
60.  Stroking a cat.
61.  Frost on leaves.
62.  Stained glass.
63.  New shoots on plants in Spring.
64.  Glimpsing a kingfisher.

65.  Seeing the Northern Lights.
66.  Strawberries.
67.  Going for a walk with a friend.
68.  Rollercoasters.

69.  Freesia.
70.  Email chat with friends on the other side of the world.
71.  Penguins.
72.  Sitting by the fire on a cold rainy night.

73.  Sunrise and sunset.
74.  My scrapbooks full of memories.
75.  Good news.
76.  Celebrations.
77.  Fireworks.
78.  Christmas carols by candlelight.
79.  Ladybirds.
80.  Swimming underwater in sunlight.
81.  A little hand in mine as we walk.

82.  Fish and chips by the sea.
83.  That little moment when you realise that you are nearly asleep.
84.  Buttered toast.
85.  A joke from a four year old.
86.  Quiet.
87.  A sky full of stars.
88.  A song that brings back a forgotten memory.
89.  Snuggling.

90.  An 'I love you' card from one of my daughters.
91.  Encouragement from a friend.
92.  Dew on a spider's web.
93.  A tree growing out of a rock face.
94.  When my cold feet tingle in a hot bath.

95.  Icebergs.
96.  Crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils.
97.  Toasted marshmallows.
98.  A late in the year barbecue cooking in warm coats.
99.  Pebbles on the beach that smile.
100.Comfy slippers.

...and so much more....

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