Tuesday, 20 November 2012

You're the business

Hello, Lord.

The supermarket calls, unless we're all going to share a small piece of pepperoni and wizened blueberries for tea, but I wanted to drop by for a few minutes to say hello. 


Something lovely happened the other day. Father God, and it was you. You know what I'm talking about. You were smiling all over your face.

Let me tell you how this looked from my angle. I know you were watching.

The other day I was waiting in the car outside school at about 3.15pm and I was feeling out of sorts. This was made worse because I'd forgotten my journal. You and me often have a little time together around then and I was a bit cross that I'd left it at home. I'm not quite sure why I was feeling unhappy, but I had a strange sense of unease, dissatisfaction, anxiety.

I was sitting behind the steering wheel and scowling, and staring at the bit in the middle where it says, 'Airbag'. For some reason I can't fathom, I even took a picture. I felt like I might need an 'airbag' illustration sometime. Hmm.

I put my head back on the headrest with a bit of a thump and a heavy sigh and I said out loud, 'Lord, I'm needing you.'

And what happened? A car drove slowly past with the number plate 'JOY'. 

Straight away it reminded me of the boat I saw when I was struggling with negative feelings while I was on holiday this summer. JOYFUL. (A boat called Joyful). Well, that thing that you did then? You did it again. 

It made me laugh. It made me think of you and it made me realise that you are right there with me. You are my Friend and you care about the trivia as well as the Big Things. I was sitting in my car, disgruntled, nothing special the matter, just a bit bleurgh, and you were kind and gentle enough to reach down and make me smile. And as I was smiling in amazement, and thinking of you, another car came from behind me and pulled over to the kerb in front of me. It's registration plate said, 'AWE'.

Ha! Oh God, there you were. You said, 'Cheer up, I'm here. Choose joy.' and then, as I was enjoying the message, you said, 'See? I am the business.'

I needed a cuddle and you sent me one. You sent me a smile and a hug. 

I choose joy. 

And I am in awe. 

 Yes, you are the business. 


  1. I followed JOY yesterday afternoon :-) and thought of you and smiled and felt joyful :/)


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