Monday, 15 April 2013

From a daughter who loves you

A talk on prayer, some time ago.

The talk was based on the prayer that you taught your disciples, Lord Jesus, and my attention was drawn to the fact that you didn't tell us that this was what we must pray, but this was how we should pray. We shouldn't just chant the Lord's Prayer and not think about the words because it's so familiar.

We shouldn't say the Lord's Prayer, we should pray it.

We should think our prayers. We should be personal. We should talk to you as if you are right next to us, because you are just that.

So I've written my own. I'm hoping that you don't think this incredibly presumptuous or irreverent, and I must tell you that I believe very deeply that you did it best. Your version sort of draws things together in a way that can't be improved upon.

Your version is much snappier than mine. I'm not exactly known for being concise and I do have a tendency to go on. The 'Lord's Prayer' has such a beautiful simplicity.

Well, here it is.

This came from the heart, Father. I haven't written it and rewritten it and tinkered with it and rephrased it; I offer it to you now just as it came out of my head.

Please accept this prayer from a daughter who loves you.

God Almighty, 
I bow before you now and give you my praise because you are my Lord, my Daddy and my Friend
You reign on high.
All of creation sings praise to your holy name.
I long for the day when the whole earth joins the angels in beautiful worship. 
I rely on you for every breath and every heartbeat; please give me what I need to live each day for you.
I'm so sorry for all the times that I let you down and wound you in so many ways; forgive me.
Help me, please, to forgive those that hurt me. Yes, even them.
Show me how to keep my eyes fixed on you and not go my own way as I so often do.
I know you have won the war but the battle is raging round me and I ask that you would protect me from the Enemy because I am your child, and I'm often frightened.
You are the One who made the universe and everything in it. 
You are great.
You are the beginning and the end.
You are my God.
Everything that is belongs to you and I give you all the glory, my beautiful Lord; now, as long as I live, and for all eternity as I kneel at your throne.

Linking up today with Tania Vaughan's Monday Ministry. Making sure that we don't leave Jesus behind in Church on Sunday.

Also for Concretewords, hosted by Nacole at sixinthesticks; finding inspiration for the abstract from something concrete.

And at Tell His Story at Jennifer Dukes Lee.

edited and reposted from 2011


  1. Helen - such a beautiful and heartfelt prayer - thank you for sharing your heart with us as well as God x

    1. Thank you, Tania. Thanks for having me!

  2. Helen, this is beautiful. A lovely, heart-felt and meaningful prayer that enlarges upon the Lord's prayer without taking anything from it. You have offered God your heart and will. That is prayer. That is worship. Bless you, my friend. :) xx

  3. And you, Joy. Thank you for your lovely words.

  4. This is beautiful; thank you for sharing your heart with us. Great to connect through concrete words.

  5. This is beautiful; thank you for sharing your heart with us. Great to connect through concrete words.

  6. Love this. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words and your heart.

  7. Dear Helen
    The way I read your words tells me of a heart totally surrendered to her God to live His life in, through and as her! What a beautiful act of true worship. I am sure He accepts your gift you have written for Him with such joy! Visiting via Nacole's.
    Much love

  8. Dear Helen!
    I like your version a lot - it reminds me that I have been wanting to "redo" the Lords prayer for my three year old - but then it will be in Danish. Because he know the words in the prayer now - but I am pretty sure it makes absolutely no sense in his mind.
    Hugs from here to there!

  9. What a beautiful prayer and I know He accepts it. he adores it. Thanks for linking up, Helen! Kimberly Coyle will be hosting at her place next Monday on "the Sink". {I'll be out of town}

  10. We shouldn't SAY prayers, we should PRAY them. Yes, Helen! I really like that. Thanks for being a part of #TellHisStory with your encouraging words.

  11. I love this Helen. and let me tell you - the Lord loves it too!


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