Sunday, 3 April 2011

Love and apostrophes

God, you know all things.

Grammar does not floor you, and punctuation is no doubt a doodle. 

Ok, then, where does the apostrophe go on 'Mothers' Day'?  I've always assumed that it was a day for all mothers (plural) and therefore the apostrophe goes at the end, but today I got a card on which it was written, 'Mother's Day', as in the day that belongs to mother.  My day. I don't suppose it matters, since both sentiments seem right - but I particularly like the My Day idea. 

It has been my day, actually. I'm feeling very smiley.

This morning I was allowed a small sleep in while Bryan got up with the children (which was a sacrifice not to be sniffed at as Katy had been shouting many, many times in the night), and then my children arrived with cards and presents, and Bryan arrived with a cup of coffee.  

I had beautiful home made cards from the girls and one from Bryan, who also gave me a beautiful little mother of pearl cross for my charm bracelet. The children had organised a lovely fragranced candle in a holder and some smelly soap, a home made bookmark and a framed portrait of me for the wall.  Wonderful wonderful treasures.  The home made things are all the better for their smudges and imperfections. Those cards with their glitter and little tie-dyed flowers will capture this day today where Elizabeth is five and a half (nearly six!) and Kate is just four for ever and ever (because I never throw anything away.)

My daughters are so different. Katy is so affectionate and loves cuddles and hand holding; she's never happier than when we're curled up together with a book or watching the TV.  She'll mould herself to me and I can hold her and cuddle her and inhale the wonderful  of her.  She climbed on me today and gave me Mother's Day hugs and kisses and was jumping from foot to foot with excitement.  

Elizabeth came across with the hugs and kisses too, but her real delight was that she had gifts to give.  It has to be said that she'd been trying to give me my Mothers' Day gifts since the early hours of the morning, and by 9am she was beside herself with excitement. 

She just loves giving gifts.  Lizzie can labour for hours over a card or a picture if it's a present for someone.  She loves the whole bit; the choosing/making, the wrapping, the giving, the unwrapping.  For a typically acquisitive five year old there's an extravagant generosity about her which makes my heart swell as she waits for me to unwrap my gift, watching my face carefully and giving away what it is with little hints and clues. Before I opened my card I knew that it was pink and purple, that it was tie-dyed, that it had a bit of glitter on it, but not too much, and that it had taken her ages to make and she'd done her best writing inside and her teacher had said well done. 

Katy shows her love for me in hugs and kisses and cuddles and 'I love you's.  Elizabeth shows it in little notes and messages and presents. It was overwhelming today to be on the receiving end of such a shower of love. I have such beautiful, clever, generous, warm and loving daughters. On Mother's' day, (with a bit of help from my own Mum and Bryan), they made me feel like the most appreciated Mummy in the world.

I have put my new cross on my charm bracelet between a heart that Bryan bought me to say, 'I love you' and another heart that says, 'Mum' that was a present from Elizabeth and Katy last Christmas.  The cross is right at the centre of the bracelet and that's its rightful place as it reminds me of you. To either side are charms that remind me of Bryan and the girls.  You are at the centre of my life, and I am constantly trying to make sure that you can take your place in the centre of my family too. 

You are first, in the middle, the centre, the point of symmetry. All things come from you.

We went to the Mothering Sunday service at church and had a lovely time.  I love having my family around me in church, and those services where the children are involved and occupied are just wonderful.  We sang and we did actions (well, Katy did, Lizzie is already too self conscious for that, sadly) and we played and we prayed. It was an hour filled with colour and happiness and you.  

Elizabeth is getting so good at reading that she likes to try and sing the songs as they appear on the big screen, and Kate is up for getting involved in any way she can, the little exhibitionist. They enjoy being there and that fills me with gratitude and praise for you, Father, that my little girls can come and climb on your knee and you smile and welcome them and hold them tight.

Elizabeth's joy at giving, Katy's warmth and affection, their childish excitement and love of celebration; it all comes from you. Grandma produced a cake to celebrate today, and Elizabeth insisted that we found candles (shaped like little astronauts and space shuttles) to blow out and everyone shouted 'Happy Mother's Day!' as Mum, my sister in law and I blew them out. The girls clapped and laughed and peeled the icing off. Lizzie is anxious to know whose birthday is it next, so that she can start to plan another party. 

Today has made me think.  I am blessed to have a lovely family. I am blessed to have my Mum, who is my friend. I am blessed to have two inspiring, beautiful daughters who give so much without even knowing it. I am blessed to have such a warm and loving husband who takes such good care of us. I am blessed to have a Heavenly Father who gives such good gifts and takes such joy in our joy. 

Today the sun shone a bit, the thunder thundered a bit and the rain rained a bit. I chatted with my Church family, caught up with some people I haven't spoken to in years and I spent time with my God.  

The children played out in the garden, my brother and sister in law dropped in briefly on their way back from a wedding and surprised my Mum with a Mothers' Day visit.  I got some jobs done, had a lovely roast dinner and blew candles out on a cake. 

The daffodils are in a vase and also just starting to bloom in the garden, there's green on the trees and the birds are singing. The children are just about to have a bath and go to bed and then Bryan and I are going to open a bottle of wine and watch a film together. We're going to hold the week ahead at bay for a little while and get the last bits of loveliness out of today.

Thankyou for so much. My cup overflows.

Today has been a Good Day. 

God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. 


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