Thursday, 28 July 2011

Psalm (of Helen)

I was afraid and alone and I didn't know how to find you
I wept and wailed and I was lost.
You came to find me when I had nothing
I cried out to you and you took my hand.
You drew me back to yourself.
I reached for you and you held me tightly
You held me in your arms and comforted me
You wiped away my tears.

I could do nothing but hold on and cry
You gently dried my eyes.
You are endlessly patient.

I lifted up my heart to you for you to wash it clean
I emptied out my life and laid it in front of you
Dirty and miserable
Full of sin and selfishness
Naked I stood before you, full of pain and shame
But you did not turn away.
I had nothing left to hide behind and still you loved me
I gave it all to you
I was ashamed at the state of my heart
But you washed it clean with your blood
And renewed me as your beloved child.
You forgave me.

(pause - to blow nose)

You took away my guilt and you gave me love in exchange
You took away the hurt and replaced it with acceptance
My only offering was my fear and bitterness
And yet you blessed me more than I can say.
You said that I could start again.

My Lord and my God
I know that you are there even when I can't see you.
When I wandered away, you waited for me
You never let me out of your sight.
You carried on loving me.

I will praise you until I have no breath left in me
Because you are the Lord and you reign in majesty
You are the Holy One and yet you love me
You are the only God and yet you are my Friend
I am your Child and you are my Father.
I am safe and I am loved
I can never begin to repay you for what you have done for me
You have set me free
You have a perfect plan for my life that fits only me
and I long to live the life that you want for me.

I will love the Lord my God all the days of my life
For I know that he loves me so much more.
I have seen your overwhelming kindness in my life
And I will not forget.

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