Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year, God.

Dear God,

I feel as if I've just done something brave.

I opened another tab on my little white computer and logged in to my blog, then started a new one, just for you.  I just want to talk to you more, and since I spend more time at this computer than perhaps anywhere else, I thought that maybe you wouldn't mind me embracing the digital age and you'd join me at the keyboard.

Well, here I am, Lord.  First of January 2011.  Full of plans and hopes and excited by the possibilities of the year which stretches ahead of me. Will this be the year I get thin? Will this be the year that I spend more time with you?  Will this be the year that I learn think before I make a facetious comment on someone's Facebook page and then spend days explaining what I meant?

This last year has been an amazing one, for me, spiritually, Lord, and that's because you've done something, not me.  When I compare where I was this time last year with where I am  now, I feel that this has been a good year where I've inched a bit closer to you.

How hard it is to say that! I can imagine you shaking your head and smiling wryly and saying,
'Really?! but you're still light years away from knowing who I am.'
Maybe that's true.  But 2010 was the year that I started talking about you more with my family, the year where I understood just a little bit more about prayer, and how wonderful it can be to be part of a very special church family. I can't remember feeling part of something before.

So this is what these ramblings are about. I write so much about nothing -  ideas, stories, letters, emails, little one liners on Facebook - and it struck me that the only person I don't communicate with this way is You. And that's not right. So here we are.  Welcome to my blog, God. Please be part of it.

Shall I press 'publish' now.....?

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