Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sunshine and no down side

Morning, Lord.

It's a beautiful day. Well, I'm sort of taking a snapshot of it right now, looking out of the window, and it's a beautiful day, right now, at this moment, weather forecasts for this afternoon notwithstanding.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the trees are blowing in the breeze so I might even put out some washing.  I know that I should learn to be content in any situation, but it's so much easier to feel lighthearted when the sun shines, Lord. It's days like this where I find myself scrutinising the garden for signs of the spring bulbs coming up - months too early!  The bare branches of the trees are blowing in the wind and on a day like today it's not hard to imagine that Spring might one day be here.

This year I've decided to Think Positive. I've heard loads of times that we get more of what we dwell on - and I'm such a worrier, I tend to go over and over things that make me anxious and let them grow in my head until any lurking optimism feels out of place and hides, never to be found again. That's no good, is it? This year I'm going to try to seize moments like this, right now, when the children are playing nicely together instead of shouting or hitting each other. When the sun shines, when I've got a nice cup of coffee and there's a bit of peace.  I want to take note of them instead of letting them disappear unmarked.  It doesn't matter if in a moment or two it all changes and the storms start (indoors or out) because right now I've noticed, and I've said thankyou.  I'll need a bit of help with this, Lord, as I don't think it comes naturally to me.

Someone once told me of a man who saw the bad in everything:
'It's the weekend tomorrow - hooray!'
'Two more days and it's Monday again.'
'Look at that beautiful ivy!'
'Makes a real mess of your brickwork.'
I want to be the sort of person who notices the beauty of the ivy, and relishes the weekend, without looking for the downside.  I should practice, I think, don't you?

It's a beautiful morning, and who cares if it rains later?

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