Sunday, 23 January 2011

You complete me

You complete me, You make me whole
You fulfil me, You make me feel like new
When I’m with You, I know that I can carry on
There’s nothing I can’t do when You are here.

I can see You, Your glory shines
I can feel You, You fill me with Your peace
When I seek You, my heart is filled up with Your love
I know that I am special in Your sight.

You’re my Father, my Saviour and my Friend
You’re the Maker, the source of everything
You’re forever, Your light will never ever die
And yet You’ve chosen me to be Your child.

I will praise You, I’ll lift Your name up high
I will worship, for You have set me free
And I love You, I’ll live for You and You alone
For You’re the truest friend there’ll ever be.

You are faithful, You’ll never let me down
Never changing, You hold me in Your hand
Always holy, You’re truth and life and grace and peace
My God and I will love You till I die.

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