Wednesday, 23 February 2011

You are now running on reserve battery power

Well.  I know you have a sense of humour, God, but you've just made me laugh out loud.

It was a 'LOL' moment. Though as you know I'm not one for hip and trendy acronyms.

Alternatively, it was nothing to do with you, just a normal technological occurrence, but since you were in my mind at the time, it made me think of you.  And that's alright too.

As you know, I am somewhat under the weather at the moment, and I'm sure you're admiring the way I'm bravely soldiering on without complaint. As you'll also know, last night I spent most of the night coughing.  I counted the church bells at twelve, one, two, four and five and tossed and turned and drank water and took paracetamol and coughed some more.  I can't believe I was actually asleep at 3am so I must have missed the bells while I was coughing. That must have been it.

Anyway, to add insult to injury, the girls didn't wake up this morning until 8.50am. Now that is a miracle of such immense proportions for which I have to thank you wholeheartedly, but sadly I was unable to take full advantage of such a luxurious lie in as I was awake from 5.50am with a fairly persistent cough that's made my ribs ache and my throat sore.

See what I mean about soldiering on? You know that healing thing that you do? Well, any time you feel like it....

So, I got the girls their breakfast and turned on the computer, as I tend to. I must have been too ill to remember to plug it in last night and the first thing that flashed up on the screen was
'You are now running on reserve battery power'.
Tell me about it.

Well, I'm relying on you to be my Reserve Battery Power, please, God.  Got a lot to do today. I promised the children that I'd take them swimming and they don't accept serious illness as a reason to break a promise.  Tomorrow I'm driving us all down to London to see Bryan and do some half term holiday things with a few million other tourists and I need to get the tyres checked on the car before we go as I think the driver's side front one seems a bit odd-looking.

So I'm now running on reserve battery power. Amen to that. It means you'd better take the driving seat.

I don't suppose I can have a snooze in the back, does it?

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