Friday, 23 March 2018

Aggressive lemons and divine reassurances

I had an idea the other day.  I was in the middle of writing something and an additional idea at that moment was inconvenient.  I was completely focused, and then this idea sneaked up and wanted my attention. I swiped it away, fobbing it off with 'In a minute...' and it was so offended that it disappeared and hasn't been back.

I knew I should have written it down. I should have humoured it. I should have made a mental (better still physical) note of what I was doing, suspended that thought process for a moment or two and scribbled down the idea before resuming task one.

Silly me.

Continued over at the Association of Christian Writers' blog, which is called, 'More Than Writers'. I post there on the 23rd of every month - come and check it out. 

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