Thursday, 19 July 2012


I am weary and burdened 
 and I want that rest you mentioned.
My burdens are trivial:
daily stuff, detail stuff,
motherhood and marriage,
women and worry.
Who I am and what I'm for;
when to pursue the dream 
and when to stop trying.
All too difficult.

I know that burdens come much heavier than mine:
dirt and drought and death,
fear and fighting,
bombs and bloodshed.
Add guilt to my burden
because life is difficult right here
And yet I have nothing to complain about.
I am blessed but broken.
I'm feeling small.
Inadequate and fearful.

Still I come.
I come because I know your grace
and you know my dissatisfaction.
You love me anyway.
I come because I'm thirsty 
and the water that you give brings life;
heals and restores
gives energy and hope.
I bring hurt and wounds
and you give me water
to drink and bathe and swim.
I can stand under the waterfall of peace
naked but somehow unashamed.
Washed and nourished.

You see me.
I can't hide from you,
and so I approach;
just as I am.
You are the God who sees.
You see it all.
You see my weariness and weakness,
ingratitude and pride -
and instead of anger 
you pour out never ending love.


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