Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Where the words come from

I'm very happy to be over at the More Than Writers blog today with a post about words - and The Word. I'll be posting there on the 23rd of each month.

Have a read by clicking here: Where the Words Come From.

More Than Writers is the official blog of The Association of Christian Writers (ACW) and I am very proud to be a member and to be contributing to this exciting new venture. 

There's a different post by a different author every day so do come and have a rummage around. 

Find out more about the ACW by visiting the website: 

or visit the Facebook page to find other friendly writers who are surfing the net, making coffee and eating cheesecake instead of writing. 


  1. I love reading your words Helen. I hope you don't mind but I adapted some you wrote on my Blog 4 years ago in response to something I had written for a reflection on Ashbourne radio- I combined both our thoughts on palm Sunday :)

    1. Don't mind in the least! Please feel free. Thank you for the kind words, Janet. x


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