Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Work in progress

I am a work in progress.
I am not finished yet.
I am, so far, incomplete.
There are still bits missing.

Problems persist.
The manufacturer is aware 
and has promised to fix them
but it might take time.

Thorough testing is taking place
but some bugs remain.
Certain functions are not yet available
but the upgrade is coming soon.

Some parts are already worn out
and a few have never worked well
but the chief engineer has promised
that all will soon run smoothly.

It is suspected that the manufacturer's instructions 
have not been followed to the letter.
But this does not seem 
to have invalidated the guarantee.

I am better than I was
and not as good as I will be.
Many more tweaks are planned
and it isn't always easy.

But the creator has infinite patience.
It's a good job.
Because sometimes I choose to malfunction
and sabotage the repairs.

But I am a top quality piece of equipment
and at full capacity no other model
can perform as well as I.
He keeps on making improvements.

I need to keep coming for a service
and listening carefully.
Actually being open to modification
and not thinking I know better.

Despite my faults and breakdowns
my creator loves me.
He knows me inside and out.
He knows what will go wrong next.

He knows when I'm coming back
and he welcomes me.
Even when I don't want to be worked on
he handles me with care.

He sees that I am broken
but still finds me beautiful.
He loves me as I am
but wants the best that I can be.

There will come a day 
when he doesn't send me out again
but polishes me for the last time.
 I'll shine like never before.

That will be my last visit to the workshop.
I will be fixed.
No more repairs.
All will be as it should be.

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