Thursday, 1 April 2021

A-Z Challenge - A: Again

Back after a lengthy absence, I am going to have a crack at the A-Z April challenge, which is to write something each day, going through the alphabet to come up with prompts. 

I am setting the bar low. I haven't been around for so long that I've forgotten how things work, and I have no idea if I'll remember/find the time/have the energy to crank up the computer every day, even for a month, but I shall try. Might be short and sweet, might be a link to something older, but still, every journey starts with a single step. 

So here's Day 1. 


Here I am again. Making another new start, again. I might not have posted anything on my blog for more than a year, but in my heart I've never actually given up. This is, for me, a special place, and I know I'll get back into it one day. Maybe this is it! 

Day one. I am learning how to use Blogger again. I'm remembering that I need to trim my fingernails before I can comfortably use a flat laptop keyboard. While I'm doing this I'm not doing something else, but maybe I need to have a go at this again. My brain feels as if it's an old machine that has been fetched out of a dusty garage and coaxed reluctantly into life, coughing out fumes. Whether it'll run long enough to get the job done, I don't know. It's quite a while since it's been well-oiled.

So here I am again. Telling anyone who happens upon this long forgotten space that I'm back, again. I was here for a long time, then for a while I visited intermittently, and then I disappeared for a long stretch. But I am here now, and I am inclined to concentrate on that, rather than on the reasons why or why not, or speculating on the future. 
Again. Another chance. This is my space, my tiny corner of the Internet, so I can come and go as I please. Nobody tells me that I've blown it (other than the Google stats!) or that I can't come back. I have a tendency to catastrophise about things, and to think in the black and white about stuff like this: 'If I don't do it now I never will', or 'I tried once, and it didn't work' and so on. 

But it's not the case. The older I get, the more I realise that. 

Life is a series of second chances. 

As we approach Easter, I find myself looking at my friend Jesus dying on the cross and feeling a little bit overwhelmed, because it's all because of him - he bought me my second chance, and the one after that, and the one after that. I have blown it in all manner of ways so many times, but thanks to that day many years ago, there is always another chance. Another opportunity, another go. 

Let's start all over again. 

So here is my Day 1. My 'A'. 





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  1. That's beautiful, Helen. And (in case you didn't realise) we don't have to post every day. We have Sundays off. :-)
    And we're encouraged to leave our links, so here is mine:

  2. Thank you, Helen. Fresh and honest as always. Welcome back. I have also been absent a while. Jen and I are excited about reading your thoughts again. No pressure. At your own pace xx


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